Changs Taekwondo Movie Night - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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Changs Taekwondo Movie Night

Chang’s Taekwondo Movie Night White Rock and Cloverdale is a special event held once a month to provide students and parents with some time to let loose in each of their respective terms. Of course what we mean is, we provide care; food and a release for their energy while parents can enjoy a nice evening off to themselves. During our 4 hours together we will accomplish much.

Movie Night begins with games! We have large number of games to play based on our facility, including Dodgeball, Octopus, Zombie Tag, Foam Tag, etc. We play for roughly 2 hours during which time we order pizza based on the student’s preferences and the pizza arrives around 7pm. We wash our hands and the students are treated to pizza and juice. We enjoy pizza while talking about how to be polite at the table and while getting excited to watch the movie!

Movie Night White Rock and Cloverdale Changs Taekwondo

After the pizza we wash our hands, clean up and set up our mats, body shields etc. for the movie! When all the students are comfortable and ready, we use our state of the art projector to render a very large PG movie on the wall for all to see. About part way through the movie we provide the students with their choice of chips and let them enjoy the movie.

Movie Night White Rock and Cloverdale Changs Taekwondo 1

Usually just before 9pm the movie finishes and the students clean up the mats and body shields and get to play games while they wait for their parents to come.

The benefits of movie night are numerous, including over 2 hours of cardio with fun, engaging and physically demanding games. Making friends with classmates and students from other classes they may not have met yet. Of course the students are allowed to bring their family members and friends! We ask only students and children 4 years old and older be allowed to come! This is to maintain a fun dynamic for those who are a bit older than the rest.

As with All Chang’s Taekwondo events, there will always be a qualified instructor on hand and we will provide a safe and fun environment for your kids.