Chang's Taekwondo - How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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Chang’s Taekwondo – How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

Changs Taekwondo Halloween

Chang’s Taekwondo – How to Have a Fun and Safe Halloween

Hello everyone at Chang’s Taekwondo Martial arts South surrey / Cloverdale, we’re very excited for our upcoming Halloween special classes! They will be on the 28th to the 31st. You can bring your friends, and please dress up in your costumes! We will have lots of fun games and you will get candy as well!

As far as this week’s blog, we would like to share some tips on

How to have a fun and safe Halloween.

We shall begin with the best part, the candy!

  • Remember to always let your parents check your candy before you eat it, just so they can make sure it’s all safe.

  • Make sure you don’t eat all your candy at once! This is not good respect for your body, and it will make you sick! Take your time and enjoy it.

  • Remember to never go into someone’s house when you are trick-or-treating

  • Please also be sure to bundle up! It gets pretty cold pretty fast at night time, which is the perfect time for spooky trick-or-treats!

  • Lastly, make sure you don’t run ahead of your parents when they are helping you collect candy.

From all your instructors at both the South Surrey and Cloverdale Chang’s Taekwondo Martial arts, we hope you have a great night of fun and scares.