Spring Camp White Rock - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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Spring Camp White Rock

Chang’s Taekwondo Martial Arts Offers A Spring Camp in our White Rock Location

During your both your Spring break White Rock and Summer break we offer a special program to have students join us from 9am to 3pm, monday to friday. We will be doing intense taekwondo training, fun games, interactive lectures and a different field trip everyday. During our White Rock camps we will strive to help you achieve all your coloured stripes and even an extra black stripe! This will put you ahead of your peers, as you have worked for 5 days straight! This means our one week camp is equivalent to one month of training.

Spring Camp White Rock - Changs Taekwondo Martial Arts Spring Kids Camp

We will also be giving out Chang’s Taekwondo T-shirts to all students who come. These T-shirts are “Dry-fit” therefore they are very good for training in the warmer weather.

During the 5 days of White Rock Spring Camp we will do a multitude of activities. We will begin everyday with an interactive lecture. We will talk about the history of Taekwondo, the 5 tenets of Taekwondo, how to be good person, about bullying and how to be a good martial artist. For the lectures the students will receive a duotang with question sheets they can show you after the camp.


After lectures we are ready to begin Martial Arts training! A brief warm up is followed by Taekwondo training. Every day we will focus on a different aspect of the student’s training, resulting in a well rounded experience, and an improvement in all fields. We anticipate every student will achieve their red, white and yellow stripes. The extra black stripe is a testament to the student’s extra hard work and dedication. As a result of receiving the extra black stripe the student will be ahead of their peers. However if the student already has 2 black stripes, they will test for their new belt on the final day of the camp.


Everyday we will have a special activity, usually resulting in some travel such as Bowling, Swimming, Laser Tag and Water Games. We will travel as a group, in an organized fashion either walking the whole way or taking Public Transit part of the way.

Our number one goal at Chang’s Taekwondo White Rock Camp is to provide a safe and fun environment at all times. Each of our instructors and assistant instructors are ready to provide assistance and guidance in disruptive situations, to ensure all students have a good time.


Of course during our spring Kids camp we will be playing a number of games, from dodgeball to relay racing, zombie tag etc. Our goal is to improve the students physical stamina, reaction, and attitude while engaging them in a fun way. Each game provides a benefit we see as necessary in their training.

This camp is open to age 7 to 14 but 6 year old participants may be eligible with instructor approval. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.


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