How to stretch during the summer break - White Rock Martial Arts
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How to stretch during the summer break – White Rock Martial Arts

Changs Taekwondo Stretching during Summer

How to stretch during the summer break – White Rock Martial Arts

How to stretch during the break

Hello everyone! It was nice to let things cool off a bit this weekend, hopefully there will be less forest fires now! As Chang’s Taekwondo Martial Arts students in South Surrey, Cloverdale and Tsawwassen let’s show respect and obey the campfire ban!
This week is our last week of classes before our school vacation! July 18th (The belt promotion test date) we will close for 2 weeks and reopen August 4th. During this time it is very important that we
Stretch every single day during summer break!
Changs Taekwondo Stretching during Summer
Stretching during summer break is so important to our overall health, mood, confidence and technique. Students who challenge themselves and improve their flexibility show better techniques in class, and generally feel better about their abilities! Everyone should stretch for 10 to 15 minutes everyday.
Anytime during the day is good, however the morning would be the most effective time of the day to stretch. Imagine you spend your whole day outside, playing around, relaxing, and save your stretching for the evening. You will be quite tired! Your willpower will definitely be used up by the evening, so it is best to stretch when you have the most willpower. The morning!
The stretching we do during each and every warmup at Chang’s Taekwondo Martial Arts are the basis for your home practicing. Take each stretch and spend a little extra time, try to improve everyday! The word of the month is perseverance. It takes quite a bit of perseverance to improve stretching, it’s not easy! So do your best students!
Your Blog objectives for this week are:
  1. Stretch every single day
  2. Improve your splits (Even by a centimeter!)
  3. Stretch two times in one day!

If you accomplish any or all of these objectives, come share your success with your Instructors and we will reward your efforts with extra stars!**