Prepare for a Healthy Spring/Summer - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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Prepare for a Healthy Spring/Summer

Changs Taekwondo Spring Break

Prepare for a Healthy Spring/Summer

Hello everyone! We’re now finally entering spring! The weather is so beautiful, trees and flowers are blooming all around us and birds are singing in the trees. This is the perfect time to

Prepare for a Healthy Spring/Summer.

Now, sometimes it might be easy to fall into the trap of going outside when it is nice without proper protection. We want our Chang’s Taekwondo Martial Arts students of South Surrey, Cloverdale and Tsawwassen to avoid some stinging lessons!
Wear a light, but long sleeve shirt
You will be cooler, avoid sun exposure on your arms and that nasty farmers tan!
Wear a hat!

Changs Taekwondo Spring Break
You will keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes. This will help you all through your life.
Apply Sunscreen!

It is so easy to forget, and sometimes we think it might be a pain.. However those 2 minutes of applying sunscreen can really keep you healthy!
Re-Apply sunscreen!

It seems to be the hardest thing to remember, make sure if we stay outside for longer periods we put on more sunscreen at the appropriate time!
Make sure you GO OUTSIDE this Spring/Summer
With smartphones, game consoles and computers we might find it hard to take the time to go outside.. However it is important for everyone to go outside and move around, have fun, and get some fresh air!

Our Spring Camp starts this week! We are excited to host students from all 3 of our Chang’s Taekwondo Martial Arts locations at the South Surrey School. They will definitely be having a blast while training, and having fun.