Changs Taekwondo Black Belt Test - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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Changs Taekwondo Black Belt Test

Changs Taekwondo Uniform

Changs Taekwondo Black Belt Test

Hello everyone! With the Blackbelt test looking in just under a week, we’d like to take a moment to share with you our thoughts about

How to support your future Blackbelt

Changs Taekwondo Uniform

It all starts with the student. If they lack the drive, it’s hard enough to get them somewhere never mind attempting to pull 100% from them. However we find almost everyone who tries martial arts absolutely loves it!

What better way to improve their self esteem, confidence, discipline, mental and physical prowess is there! So here is a few tips on keeping your child motivated.

  • Be there

    • It’s tempting to just drop them off and pick them up, however the amount of pride and accomplishment they feel when you are there is much greater than when you are not.

  • Celebrate achievements

    • Whether it’s a nice dinner after their Belt Promotion ceremony, or a high five after a good class.. Make sure you celebrate their hard work

  • Practice at home

    • You don’t let your child go a day without homework, or without practicing piano.. So why should martial arts be any different? Help them train by showing them their poomsae on our Chang’s Taekwondo Application, or buy a kicking pad and FEEL their power through their kicks and punches.

  • Encourage them to get involved

    • Full immersion is a great way to learn a language so why not fully immerse your child in Taekwondo! At yellow belt they can join sparring, at blue they can join weapons, rolling and an advanced kicking class.

    • We also have out sparring competition team, our SWAT team and many more ways for each student to get involved.


Anything you do as a parent to foster your child’s growth is great. Taekwondo is an amazing way to enhance the life of your child and each of our instructors at all our Chang’s Taekwondo martial arts locations in south Surrey, Cloverdale and tawassen want to help them on their journey.