What to expect at your Belt Ceremony - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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What to expect at your Belt Ceremony

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What to expect at your Belt Ceremony

Hello everyone, we want to congratulate those who participated in our recent Belt Ceremony last saturday! This is also why we will be working to help your understanding of the belt ceremony throughout the blog, entitled:

 What to expect at your Belt Ceremony

At your belt ceremony you will be asked to come up and show us your board breaking. You must yell super loud, and break your board no matter what. This will show us your power, and that you’re ready to improve and move up to the next belt. However before you break your board you need a bad habit that you want to overcome and improve, we all want to improve ourselves. If we improve one problem at a time, day by day we will become a better person! 

 To do a perfect board breaking you must have confidence and good focus, you may not feel you have these things right away. This is ok! It is why we take extra time to practice in class, so always work hard in class and get the most out of your training! Also, even if you are just sitting on the back while other students break their board you must sit straight and keep your eyes on them. This is part of your test and showing good respect to all the students is very important in Chang’s Taekwondo.

 Now, when you are done breaking your board, we ask that you please stay at your spot, don’t leave right away! This is not good respect to the other students receiving a new belt like you. You will be called up again to shake Grand Master Chang’s hand and receive your new belt and belt certificate. Remember to say “GamSaHapNiDa” nice and loud so Grand Master Chang can hear you. After everyone has received their belt we all must say the Taekwondo Oath together. The Taekwondo Oath can be located in your student manual and it is also written on the wall in the front of the class!

Lastly, if you got your new belt, it means you are responsible to help anyone who is lower rank belt than you! Keep practicing your old techniques so you can help other students, and at the same time get ready to learn all new techniques.