Taekwondo Night Event - Martial Arts South Surrey, White Rock, Cloverdale, Tsawwassen, Aldergrove
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Taekwondo Night Event

Once a year we celebrate everything we love, everything we train; we call it Taekwondo Night. We gather and show off our techniques and all the hard work what we did over the year. Our Taekwondo comes from humble origins, we started at a Church gym and had a couple hundred guests. However we have grown steadily and now this Taekwondo Night becomes larger and more professional venue.

Changs Taekwondo Event - Taekwondo Night 1

The night starts with the colour belt testing. Every colour belt in both the South Surrey and Cloverdale location is required to go on stage and show their techniques. After the colour belts have all gone it is time for the Black Belts to show their techniques. Going on stage provides each student with a sense of accomplishment, and the students get some experience with public action which we believe will help them learn to have confidence.

Changs Taekwondo Event - Taekwondo Night 2

We then provide awards for best parent, best student, some draws for prizes and have a Black Belt Ceremony which will be the best memory for the new Black Belt receivers. Our special Demo Team will provide their professional level demonstration to make this event magnificent, and inspire the other students as to what they can achieve.

Changs Taekwondo Event - Taekwondo Night 3

Taekwondo night is the perfect night for students and prospective students to get inspired and find out how good they will be as they improve their techniques.

Changs Taekwondo Event - Taekwondo Night 4

Taekwondo Night is a once a year, extra special celebration. All our students and parents gather together and celebrate our love for Taekwondo during this event. Since the event is getting bigger and we are now reaching out into the community to help more as we move forward, therefore we can help our community through the food bank to name one organization.

Now our Taekwondo Night is not only our school event, it is a community event. We encourage all the people and students to come and support our Taekwondo Night and join our event to help out our school, our way of life, and our community.

For more information, please come and ask our instructors.