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Chang’s Taekwondo Word of the Week is Forgiveness


Chang’s Taekwondo Word of the Week is Forgiveness

Hello everyone! It’s time to change our Chang’s Taekwondo Martial Arts word of the week. This week’s  word we aim to focus on will be “Forgiveness.”

Forgiveness means:

“The ability to stop feeling angry and letting go of all grudges and resentfulness against others.”

Being a part of a family is a very good place to learn forgiveness, in fact each and every one of you forgives everyday. Maybe your brother or sister eats the last cookie, and you forgive them because you love them. Perhaps your friend runs into you while you’re playing a game, and you forgive them because they’re your friend.

Forgiveness is important because without forgiveness, everyone would be mad all the time. Most of the time, it is an accident that makes you angry, is it nice to still be mad at the person? No!

Changs Taekwondo Martial Arts ForgivenessWhen you’re forgiving someone, whether you are the one who did the bad thing or not, you must always start with “Sorry.” To make the apology more meaningful, make sure you tell them what you’re apologizing for… “I’m sorry, I threw the dodgeball and it hit your head, I won’t do it again.” You must also look at their eyes the whole time you’re talking! This is good respect.

Forgiveness in martial arts is very key. When students reach Yellow Belt, they can begin sparring in our special sparring class! This is very exciting! However we have to be able to forgive if someone hurts our feelings, or steps on our toe, or kicks a little too hard! They didn’t do it on purpose, we’re all learning to control ourselves in Martial Arts. When you’re learning self Control it won’t be easy! There will be times when you make mistakes and that’s ok! You just have to be ready to forgive when someone else makes a mistake and you get involved.
“The weak can never forgive, Forgiveness is the attribute of the Strong.” – Ghandi